Teach your Dog to Come

training dog

Teaching your dog to come is just as important for your pet’s safety as it is a convenience to you.

Before you begin, you’ll need a collar and a long leash (at least 15ft). Give your dog a chance to get used to the collar and the effect of the leash. Pick a time and place without distractions to train.

This first lesson should only be a few minutes long. Stand with your dog a few feet away. With the leash, and without verbal command, gently pull your dog toward you. Give your dog praise when he approaches you Repeat the process several times.

After a few lessons, your dog should approach you at the slightest tug of the leash. Once this happens, say “come” once in a normal tone at the same time you tug the leash. Repeat this process until your dog responds without the leash having to be tugged.

Now that your dog will respond to the verbal command, you can work without the leash in a controlled area. Continue to use the verbal command and reward your dog with praise when he responds correctly. If your dog challenges your authority and does not respond to the verbal command, you can go back to using a combination of verbal command and the leash for a while.



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